Wondering which course you should pursue after your graduation. We can help you in selecting a suitable program that can leverage your professional career. There are some more options you will have if you are applying for MBA in USA. The Best Management courses after graduation are- 

  1. Best Management courses-Master of Business Administration

Master Of Business Administration is a graduate program that leverages your business and managerial skills. The average duration of the program is one to two years. The highlights of the MBA program are-

  • Great Return on investments 
  • Wide variety of job opportunities 
  • Handsome pay scale
  • Customizable Curriculum 
  • Business exposure and expertise 
  • Refinement of leadership and management skills
  • Increment in self-worth and confidence 
  • Capstone projects 

Cost of the program 

The cost of the program varies from university to university. The average cost of an MBA program is $ 60,000.

Top Universities 

The best universities to pursue an MBA program are- the London School of Business, INSEAD, MIT Sloan, IE Business School, Harvard Business School, Said Business School, Columbia Business School, and NYU Stern School of Business. 

The curriculum of the program 

The curriculum of the program consists of core business modules and electives. Core business modules strengthen the core business fundamentals and foundation whereas electives increase the knowledge and skill base. MBA core courses are Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Leadership and teamwork Management, Organizational Behavior, Economics Statistics and Operations, and Business Accountability and Ethics. Electives are provided in Accounting, Marketing, Data Science and operations, Management and Organization, Business Communications, and Entrepreneurship.

Plausible job roles 

MBA students are offered a variety of roles after the completion of the program. The roles are- Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Product Manager, market research analyst ,Investment Banker, Business Analyst, Financial Advisor, Administrative Manager, Human Resource Manager, Operations Manager, and IT Manager. 

  1. Master in Business Analytics

Master of Business Analytics blends Analytics and Business. During the Best Management courses program, students utilize the power of data to make impactful business solutions. The highlights of the program are-

  • Learning how to utilize, harness, and manipulate data 
  • Short and intensive duration
  • Wide variety of job opportunities
  • Handsome pay scale
  • Practical Curriculum
  • Refinement of essential skills in data analytics and business fundamentals
  • Making Data-driven decisions
  • Huge Career growth and scope

Cost of the Program

The cost of the program ranges from $ 27,000 to $82,000.

The curriculum of the program 

The curriculum is a blend of core courses and electives. The core Best Management courses are- applied statistics, Data Science for Business, Data Management, Decision Analytics, and modeling, Machine Learning for Big Data, Data Visualization and Storytelling, Economics, Organizational Behavior and Performance in Organization, Finance, and Strategy.

The electives provided are- Digital Investing, Financial Statement Analysis, Global Capital Market and Currencies, The Power of Networks, Value Investing, Wealth Management, FinTech, Product Management, Customer and Marketing Analytics, Pricing Strategy, and Tactics.

The curriculum of the program varies from university to university.

Top Universities 

The top universities for pursuing a Business Analytics program are- MIT Sloan, University of Texas, Purdue University, UC Davis, Arizona State University, London School of Business, Esade Business School, Michigan State University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California San Diego, Columbia University, the University of California and the University of Minnesota.

Plausible job roles  

The job roles offered after the Best Management courses, Business Analytics program are- Management Analyst, Operation Research Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Data Scientist, Applied Scientist, Product Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Product Data Scientist, Analyst Associate, Data Scientist, AI Research Scientist, Quantitative Researcher, and Data Analyst.


Management courses are in huge demand due to various reasons such as enhancement of career trajectory, handsome pay scale, and ample job opportunities. The admission process of management programs is very intensive and rigorous. Before applying for a program students must carefully check admission requirements, prerequisites and cost. 

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