Hosting stores data or a website on a web server or computer so the website can be accessed over the internet.  Usually, a company provides web hosting services by renting its servers to store the web, making it easy for other users to access.

What is web hosting?

The Internet has expanded rapidly in our country and the world in the last few years.  There was a time when the Internet used to be a luxury facility, and very few people used to have access to it. Still, now the time has changed, and due to the revolution in Telecom Industry, in today’s time, everyone has access to the Internet.

Now that the Internet has reached everyone, many people are promoting their businesses through the Internet, and many people are also earning money from the Internet by creating Blogs, etc.

Web Hosting is required to develop any website, Hindi Blog Website, etc., on the Internet!

If you need to learn what web hosting is or what web hosting is, then for information, tell that web hosting is a type of space where your website is hosted.

When you create a website or blog, there is a lot of data on it. All this data is hosted on your web hosting only.  Your website’s text, codes, images, videos, etc., have data.

And the Web Hosting Company gives you space to hold this data.  That is if it is understood in simple language what web hosting is, then it is a space where your website is hosted.

If Web Hosting is understood in simple language, then Web Hosting is a type of service on which your website or blog is hosted.

Types of Hosting

There are mainly six types of hosting whose names are as follows.

1 Shared Web Hosting

2 Dedicated Web Hosting

3 VPS hosting

4 Cloud Hosting

 5 Reseller Hosting

6 Managed WordPress Hosting

What do hosting companies provide?

Before buying hosting, before buying hosting, be sure to get information about all the hosting features you want to get because hosting with different plans is sold by the hosting company, whose features are also different.  – It’s different.  Below are some of the hosting features that a great hosting should have.

1: Storage

Whenever you buy hosting, its storage should be mainly taken care of because whatever content you upload on your website after creating it is stored only after going to the hosting.  That’s why try to buy hosting with maximum space.

2: Bandwidth

It means the data transfer rate of the visitors who visit your website.  Therefore, while shopping for hosting, you must also pay attention to bandwidth.  If you buy hosting with low bandwidth, whenever there is a tremendous amount of traffic on your website, your website will not be able to handle it, and your website will crash.  So try always to buy hosting with more bandwidth.

3: Uptime

Uptime represents the length of time a website will be online for its visitors.  At present, whatever hosting company is there, it guarantees 999% uptime to the user, which is considered the best.

4: Support

You should buy hosting from a similar company by which you are given excellent customer Support because sometimes there are some hosting-related problems for which you need customer support to resolve.  You can diagnose any hosting-related problem by talking to customer support.

Some companies provide the option of phone calls under customer support, while others provide the option of voice chat under customer support.  If you have purchased hosting from a company that needs better customer support, you may have to wait a long time for your problem to be resolved.

 5: Money Back Policy

Money-back policy means that if you have bought a hosting and do not like the hosting of that company, then you can disconnect the hosting service under the money-back policy and request a refund from the hosting company.  Can request.

In this way, through any hosting selling company, if you buy hosting, then you must see whether that company is giving a money-back policy or not.  If the company is not giving a money-back policy, you can buy hosting from any other hosting company

Where to buy hosting

Hosting selling is done through various websites available on the Internet.  You can buy hosting by visiting any website as per your requirement.  After purchasing hosting, you get a debit card, credit card, net banking, and various wallets to pay for hosting.

When you buy hosting, you get hosting information on your email id, using which you can connect your website with your domain.