Google reviews also give your company a star rating from one to five. A business with a 5-star rating on Google will appear higher in search results than comparable local businesses with lower ratings. These Google star ratings also influence local search results. Businesses can get significant credibility from Google reviews without needing to pay any money. Obtaining Google reviews offers a number of advantages, such as improving your local SEO ranking, leveling the playing field, enhancing your online reputation, and supporting mom-and-pop businesses.  Customers who have used a product or service can rate it with up to five stars on a scale of one to five, with five being the best possible rating. 

5-star ratings are regarded as very positive feedback and serve as a signal to businesses that they are offering clients quality services or goods. 

Rankings and stars

Consumer evaluations from various properties are used to generate the star ratings on Google, and an algorithm and an average determine the number of stars displayed. A scale from 1 to 5 stars is used to rate these items. On advertisements, rich results like recipe cards, local pack results, third-party review sites, and app store results, as well as on normal blue link listings and rich results like ads, users will see star ratings when they conduct a Google search. Star ratings affect local search results and rankings, as Google makes abundantly apparent. 

Star ratings can be a critical conversion feature, helping you demonstrate social proof and establish credibility, even though they are not ranking criteria for organic search. Here is an example of how different star-rating results appear in Google and how each listing type interacts with them. 

Google Stars and standard “Blue Link” Listings

Getting stars to appear around a website’s organic search results listing pages might help it stand out from its rivals. The use of star ratings in organic search by Google has only recently been tested. 

Google Stars and Paid Ads

Google Stars are known as seller ratings when they appear in paid search advertisements; they are “an automated extension type that showcases advertisers with high ratings.” These can be found in free classifieds, commercial advertisements, and text adverts (as seen above). The total number of votes or reviews and the star rating are also shown. 

Search Engine Stars and Local Pack Results 

A Google My Business page, Google Maps, and other solutions are available to local businesses, all of which can display star ratings. On the Google properties for your local business, Google may compile evaluations from other local review websites. The inclusion of fresh reviews in your overall score can take up to two weeks. 

Rich Results using Google Stars and recipes

Everyone has to eat, and there are several ways that we do it, including through recipe blogs. Restaurants tend to rely more on local Google reviews, organic search results, and even sponsored advertisements, whereas food bloggers want their recipes to be rated. Recipe cards in search results display the overall review count as well as the average review rating, much like other types of reviews do. Since only three recipes may be displayed for each search on Google desktop results (as shown in the image above) and four on mobile, the result has become a source of debate within the community of food bloggers. Those that have not mastered online customer reviews will be left in the dust as these desirable spots will draw 75% of hits. 

In other words, these findings may not be directly related to the recipe’s quality. 

Google Stars and Independent Review Sites

Many software providers use independent review websites to assist in guiding their customers’ purchasing decisions. Any website that is not owned by a brand that allows for consumer reviews, such as Yelp, G2, and many others, is considered a third-party review site. 

Both Google Stars and app store rankings

Businesses that use applications as their main products generally rely on downloads from the App Store and Google Play Store. 

Aim for the stars.

Stars almost always increase click-through rates wherever they are present because consumers perceive them to be high quality. Brands with greater star ratings in local listings, paid advertisements, or even app downloads are more likely to be trusted by consumers and to be purchased from. A huge number of studies have repeatedly shown this tendency. So, when it comes to reviews, do not be shy. Make a list of all the SERP places where your brand appears, and put stars next to as many of them as possible. However, the service and experiences that businesses offer that encourage positive evaluations from satisfied customers will always remain the most significant component of star ratings throughout all of Google. 

3 Ways to Promote 5-Star Google Reviews

The most common review ratings given by consumers are five and one, and practically everyone chooses to leave a five-star review rather than a four-star one, according to Alan Muther, an SEO expert at Thrive Internet Marketing Agency. This indicates that even while your clients may already be willing to leave you a 5-star Google review, you still need to secure it at the appropriate time and use a sophisticated strategy. 

  1. Ask Them When They Are Happiest

Everyone is aware that you should only ask someone for a favour when they are feeling gracious. The ideal moment for businesses to act is after you have met their needs or resolved their issue. 

  1. Make Your Intention Clear

When it is just the perfect amount of time since their last engagement with you and when you send them a review request, you need to get the messaging correct through tailored email and SMS campaigns and remind them to write the review. 

  1. Display Your 5-Star Reviews.

In his blog, Alan also notes that customers are less inclined to deviate from the norm when a company has a high number of good reviews and a rating of five stars overall. Share client testimonials on social media and use a review widget on your website to highlight your 5-star Google reviews in order to persuade more visitors to do the same. 

Making sure there is no room for doubt among potential clients is essential to protecting your internet reputation. By actively enhancing your brand’s perception, you can ensure that it is viewed favorably and, as a result, attract five-star evaluations.